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WALK-AROUND                                          Above and below: With the arms
                                               raised access to the Perkins engine is
The first model to arrive in the UK is         good, but six bolts have to be undone
the JC Mac 888 backhoe, which will be the
focus of the official launch of the brand            to reach the front of the radiator.
in October. This flagship model boasts
equal-size wheels, three steering modes,                                                              The after-treatment packs to meet Stage 4
a powershift transmission, six-in-one bucket                                                          of the EU emissions regulations are neatly
and an extending dipper for the backhoe.
                                                                                                          packaged as a single bundle under
  It will eventually be joined by the more                                                                           the offside steps.
conventional 883 and 880 models – the
former packs a front loader equipped with
parallel linkage and a backhoe equipped
with an extending dipper, while the entry-
level 880 model gets neither of these
features. All benefit from a sliding kingpost
design – but not powered. All models will be
covered by a 2000-hour, two-year warranty.

  So what does this flagship 888 model
offer? Under the skin is a Perkins Stage 4
emissions-compliant four-pot, boasting
100hp and 450Nm of torque. It is coupled
to a Carraro four-speed powershift
transmission using a torque converter and
offers a 40kph road speed, the four speeds
being accessed by twisting the left-hand
shuttle lever. There is no torque converter
lock-up. Sealed pins and bushes, cushioned
hydraulic cylinders and the use of a variable
displacement axial piston pump add up to
a decent specification.

                                               The nearside fill point next to the cab is for         The diesel fill point is somewhat bizarrely
                                               hydraulic oil, not diesel. The AdBlue tank is          located on the top of the offside stabiliser.
                                               located within the locked compartment.

                                               Quality components are used within a
                                               thicker-than-normal chassis for long-term durability.

JC Mac backhoe 6pp r sp sp l_RED.indd 9                                                               OCTOBER 2018 EARTHMOVERS 9

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