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braking requirement for the 888’s              It takes a little effort to get the right
independent brake pedals was another           seating position in relation to the fixed
quirk that required some compromise            loader joystick and the steering wheel.
by this operator.
                                                                                          The forward view       Three steering modes are offered
  High-level loading or tipping was easily                                                is superb, but the             on this equal-wheel
managed by a combined dab of brake                                                        moveable joystick                backhoe loader.
pedal and use of the transmission                                                         columns at the rear
disconnect to rapidly reach full height                                                   end take some           The main offside console is fairly
with a few carefully applied revs.                                                        getting used to.     standard fare on a modern backhoe.


Positioning the backhoe to pull a trench
also revealed more of the 888’s quirkiness.
As I spun the seat through 180 degrees,
I then had to haul the two excavator joystick
columns close to me and slide the seat back
and forth to achieve the most comfortable
working position.

  Both columns are individually adjustable
with locking levers that are easily reached
with your index fingers. The joystick
assemblies then move closer together
– as if travelling in an X-pattern through
the middle of the machine – so the closer
you pull them in, the nearer they get to
your thighs.

  Again, it is a compromise on seating
position and comfort, though it may well
suit some sizes of operator better than
others. There is plenty of legroom too,
and the cab’s flat-floor adds to the open,
generous feel of the JC Mac 888.

JC Mac backhoe 6pp r sp sp l_RED.indd 11                                                                       The controls behind the steering wheel
                                                                                                                     can be awkward to reach and use,
                                                                                                                               particularly the diff-lock.

                                                                                                               OCTOBER 2018 EARTHMOVERS 11

                                                                                                                                                             02/10/2018 11:12
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