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                                               retracted using a pedal, though the fixed       sophisticated hydraulic system is an area
                                               gear pump on the test machine did throw         where I wouldn’t be prepared to compromise.
                                               up a few challenges when trying to smoothly
                                               pull a long, deep trench.                         Should the UK’s market-leading backhoe
                                                                                               maker be worried? Probably not, but the
                                                 On the plus side, it needed few revs to       JC Mac 888 is certainly one that is worth
                                               deliver decent speed and adequate power         a closer look.
                                               to pull the tough ground on our test site,
                                               which all helped to soften the in-cab            JC MAC 888 BRIEF SPECS
                                               noise level.

                                               SUMMARY                                         Model: 888 (as tested)

                                               While our JC Mac 888 lacked some aspects        Engine power:           1100hp from 4.4-litre,
                                               of specification its importer had originally                            EU Stage 4 Perkins
                                               intended, it still remains a cost-effective                             engine
                                               alternative to the mainstream brands
                                               currently available. If it is cheap enough,     Transmission:           Carraro four-speed
                                               it will sell.                                                           powershift, 40kph
The 888 features an extending dipper as                                                                                max speed
   standard, and all models get a non-           But if the firm is serious about penetrating
        powered sliding kingpost.              the UK market, it may well need to rely         Fuel tank:              140 litres
                                               on much more than a two-year, 2000-hour
   Facing rearwards, a left-hand console       warranty. The topic of residual values          DEF tank:               19 litres
and controls are what you’d expect to find     – always an issue with an unknown brand
on a modern backhoe. A mechanical hand         – will be one to consider carefully, as will    Hydraulic system:       90+64 l/min tandem
throttle lever and direct hydraulic operation  dealer back-up and parts availability.                                  gear pump
of rear stabilisers are easily reached.
                                                 Though an area where you don’t                Backhoe dig depth (std): 4.6m
  Our test model was equipped with a           need to cast any doubt is its performance.
hydraulically extending dipper, boosting the   The only downside with the machine we           Backhoe dig depth       5.8m
working range of the 888. It is extended and   tested was its lack of air suspension seat      (extended):
                                               and variable displacement pump. The firm
                                               says that subsequent models it orders will      Load-over height:       3.45m
                                               be fully loaded, and while I could live
                                               without the fancy seat, the more                Dump height:            2.86m

                                                                                               Operating weight:       8.7-9.7 tonnes

                                                                                               Turning circle:         9.4m (kerb to kerb)

   “A COST-EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE TO THE MAINSTREAM                                                                                          02/10/2018 11:12


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