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Maximum detail on Classic Construction Models (CCM) 1:48th scale Ultra Class Monster Miner.

Earthmovers Magazine Scottish correspondent David Wylie supplies the words and images in this review of CCM's Caterpillar 6090FS Ultra Class Mining Shovel model.

Collectors of construction diecast scale models have been eagerly awaiting this new TriPower mining shovel from CCM, and their decision to produce the top-of-the-range Caterpillar 6090FS in 1:48 scale pushes the limits of what is possible in fine diecast model making.   Having visited Caterpillar Global Mining HMS GmbH factory in Dortmund, Germany, I was keen to review this model to see how it measured up to some of the real TriPower shovels seen during my visit. 

Caterpillar manufactures the world’s largest hydraulic mining excavator - the mighty Cat 6090FS face shovel - with an operating weight of 1080tons, producing 4500hp. This model, like the machine it replicates, stands in a class all its own at just over 8″ tall to the top of the cab, 8″ wide, and 18″ long in resting position and tips the scales at 17lbs of mainly diecast metal.

The model is a limited edition to just 1090 pieces and includes a signed and serial-numbered spec brochure reproduction.

The heavy-duty all metal boom, stick and bucket can be put through their full operational range and posed with nice resistance in the cylinders.  And the machine’s boom hoist cylinders come with grub screws and Allen Key tool to lock the front-end equipment into any pose.

The 6090FS is designed to be pass matched with Cat Mining trucks such as the MT4400D  (250 ton) – seen here - in 3 passes,  through to the Ultra Class 797F and new 798AC (400 ton & 410 ton respectively) in 4 passes.  The bucket has hidden rams in the backwall to keep the front visor open. Swing ring action is smooth and mounting bolts well detailed.

Typical CCM details include two cab doors which open to access the operator’s station and amenity section. The operator’s cab comes complete with highly detailed instrumentation tower, operators’ seat and controls.   NB Action figure not included.

Note the highly detailed sprocket and complete running gear of the actual 6090FS is designed for -single pass - running surface. The model’s individually linked, free-rolling metal track pads wrap around working tensioners, idlers, and bogeys to complete the undercarriage in stunning detail – even the small bolt heads are hexagonal which can’t be seen with the naked eye!

Great action shot from Caterpillar showing the 6090FS working, which the CCM model replicates in every detail to a very high standard.

Highly detailed cooling pack grills, radiators and hydraulic pump fan blade motors are visible through the side and rear of the machine as well as multiple maintenance access points and fully positionable access stairways.  This model comes with several optional extras listed in the machine brochure, such as the service access steps on the offside and the hydraulic service crane that rotates, lifts and extends complete with rope and hook for added realism.

The final coat of paint is painstakingly polished by hand-power tools to obtain a high-gloss finish.

The quality of paint finish on this model is exceptional and a reminder again to the lengths Cat to go at the factory to ensure a high-quality gloss finish which this model replicates. Note the level of detail cast into the round access man-lids on both boom and stick.

Note the fine photo-etched metal grills above the hydraulic cooling packs and patterned walkways.

CCM went the extra mile for realism in several areas on the 6090FS.  Such as the exceptional and minute level of detail achieved in the hydraulic control valve block components on the back of the boom.  With hard and soft hydraulic lines, as well as the main hydraulic and swing motor pumps at the base of the boom and stick pipework complete the system.  The high-quality fit and finish on this section reminded me of the hydraulic pipework which is shaped, and alignment checked by lasers at the Cat factory for accuracy.

Another area of high detail is the machine’s accurately replicated miniature markings, safety and warning labels - as seen on the fire suppression system and throughout - have been approved by Caterpillar for accuracy.  Also - visible through the rear vents - you will see two complete Cummins QSK60 diesel engines inside the engine bay.

The largest bucket produced so far for a 6090FS customer at 55m3.

The model has the standard 52.0 m3 capacity bucket fitted with a wear package and teeth nicely detailed and bucket information plate adds to the realism.

The latest 240ton Cat 6020B on the assembly line.

The new Cat 6090FS is a welcome addition to CCM’s 1:48 scale range of mining models like this stunning 240t 6020B backhoe model.

In conclusion, CCM is renowned for their attention to detail, skilled model makers and their 6090FS does not disappoint.  “I’d go as far to say this is the best 1:48 scale diecast hydraulic mining shovel model ever produced by a model manufacturer and by some margin.”

The 6090FS model has sold out and is difficult – but not impossible - to find on sale. However, please checkout CCM’s other available and upcoming  models  and it’s wise to order soon,  before they sell out too!

And if you wish to read my six page Caterpillar factory visit report,  please go to the magazine’s  back issue service and select the March 2018 issue #167 -

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