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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 10 Sep 2021

A look into the future of machinery from HydraForce

From an operator’s perspective, I am really not a fan of electro hydraulic systems, in my humble opinion they just don’t offer the feel and feedback on the levers like pilot controls do. But like so many things these days, we are all being funnelled down that route, as most major manufacturers are now adopting EH systems on their machines.

A look into the future of machinery from HydraForce

One company that is at the leading edge of electro hydraulic technology is HydraForce, who are trying to include many unique features into its systems, including “bucket shake” soft ride, self-levelling and float functions to name a few.

According to the company these functions are made possible with the use of HydraForce’s electro-proportional cartridge valves, including the EHPR and SVPR, LVDT linear variable displacement transducers for position sensing, ECU electronic controller and ERAU remote access unit for elegant and even remote control, try reading that after a few beers! Roquet provided the mono-block cylinder controls.

HydraForce in conjunction with Roquet have fitted out a prototype Gehl R190 skid steer with this new technology.

The machine has been put to the test by Neil Messick of Pennsylvania based dealers Messick Equipment, who suggests that “There’s no other machine like it!”

Checkout his video report below.



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