Welcome to Forestry Machinery, the magazine dedicated to modern forestry equipment.


Readers of Earthmovers and Farm Machinery Journal frequently cross paths, for example many will undertake forest management projects. In addition, most will not only have a professional interest in off-road machinery, but a real passion for the subject.

Forestry Machinery magazine, available free with both magazines, provides a snapshot of the specialist kit working in the sector across the UK and Ireland, two areas in the world that arguably require some of the most specialized kit to tackle the demanding environments, tough terrain and growing time constraints of this rigorous industry. From preparing the ground for planting to rehandling pulpwood, all stages in the long lifecycle of a commercially grown tree require the use of some very serious machines. It's farming on a grand scale using construction sized vehicles, operated by some of the most skilled individuals in the business, often in very challenging conditions.  

With each visit, product launch and technical briefing, Forestry Machinery magazine delivers in-depth coverage, expert advice and opertaor verdicts to help inform guide each owner and operator on the machinery decisions to get the best from their operation.

The machinery industry continues to develop at pace, but rest assured we'll be keeping on top of all the latest launches and putting cutting-edge kit through its paces with the aid of some experienced operators. After all, it's only from inside the cab of these machines that you really get a feel for how capable they are.