MARKET GUIDE: Tracked Carriers

Peter Anderson reviews the variety of tracked dumpers/carriers currently on the market

Tracked site dumpers make a lot of sense, hauling materials across soft and muddy terrain to hard-to-reach places, where conventional wheeled machines are likely to get stuck. There are third-party triangular track conversions available for traditional site dumpers, which reportedly work well. But, when it comes to economically transmitting engine power, this use of its robust mechanical drivetrain can hardly be efficient.

The growing global market for tracked dumpers is based on machines with tracks similar to those used on compact excavators, with the larger models equipped with full cabs that would not look out of place on a modern compact wheel loader. This undercarriage and cab combination, particularly on the larger models, can carry a variety of working equipment, not just a swivelling skip, ranging from an access platform, through a pipeline welding unit, to a fuel and lube bowser.

The 3.7-tonne capacity Takeuchi TCR50-2 features a 180-degree swivelling skip, with a 65-degree tip angle for flexible and efficient load discharge. It is powered by a Stage 5 Yanmar engine rated at 88.4kW and has a top speed of 9.5kph. The dumper is 4,660mm long, 2,200mm wide and 2,725mm high and offers 435mm of ground clearance.

Inside the surprisingly large, climate- controlled ROPS/FOPS cab is an adjustable suspension seat, together with full pilot controls. Other features include a 180-degree rear view camera and a 14.5cm multi-function colour monitor.


Italian-based manufacturer Messersì latest model is the cabbed 5-tonne capacity TC550d, the largest tracked dumper they have made over the past 30 years. The 2,200mm-wide machine features a 180-degree swiveling skip with a volume of 2.9cu.m. It is powered by a Stage 5 Perkins engine rated at 85.9kW. Within the air-conditioned cab, the controls are pilot assisted joysticks, mounted on the armrests of the 180-degree rotating operator’s seat.

At the other end of the Messerli tracked dumper range is the TC150d Kubota-powered model that features servo levers and piston pumps, together with the TC230d that is powered by a Stage 5 Kubota engine rated at 18.9kW. The mid-range TC350d offers a 3.5-tonne payload from its 180-degree swivel skip and is powered by a Stage 5 Kubota engine rated at 48.6kW. There is also a cabbed version available.


Sold and supported in the UK by the well-known tracked carrier specialist, Colchester-based Cautrac, Yamaguchi’s largest ride-on dumper is the 1.8-tonne capacity WB18B model. This Japanese machine is powered by a 16.1kW Kubota engine, driving a hydrostatic transmission. It has a three-way tipping skip, with each side having auto releasing doors. Its robust-looking undercarriage provides a relatively large contact area to minimise ground pressure, positively driven by sprockets located at the top of the tracks.


A new generation of compact tracked carriers has been announced by Yanmar, the C30R-3 and the C50R-5A. The 2.5-tonne capacity smaller model is available as the three-way tipping C30R-3 variant, or as the 180-degree swivel skip C30R-3TV. Both are powered by a Stage 5 Yanmar engine rated at 34.3kW, providing a maximum travel speed of 11kph. The C30R-3 is 1.5m wide, 3.28m long and provides a tight turning radius of 2.1m, with its undercarriage having a gradeability of 30 degrees and ground clearance of 280mm. Within the ROPS/FOPS canopy, the seat and joysticks turn through 180-degrees, allows the operator to always face the direction of travel.

The larger cabbed C50R-5A offers a capacity of 3.8-tonnes and is powered by an electronically controlled Stage 5 Yanmar engine rated at 83.2kW, providing a top speed of 9.5kph. This is available with either a three-way dump body, or with a swivelling skip. Yanmar say that the hydraulic tensioning system in the undercarriage design reduces downtime, as it eliminates the need for manual track tensioning.


With maximum payloads ranging from 5.7 to 21 tonnes, the seven-model Prinoth crawler carrier range can be equipped with a variety of working equipment, including a telescopic crane, a concrete mixer, drill equipment, a vacuum excavator or just with a dump body.

The latest model to join the range is the rotating T7R, which offers a 7-tonne payload in a machine that is under 2.5m wide. It is powered by a Cat C4.4 engine rated at 150kW, providing a top speed of 13kph, all while exerting a fully loaded ground pressure of 351g/sq.cm.


At the Bauma 2022 show, South African-based ADT manufacturer Bell announced their intention to enter the tracked dumper market, initially with two models, the TC7A and the TC11A. Both are powered by a Stage 5, 6.7-litre Cummins, rated at 168kW and 186kW respectively, driving a Rexroth hydraulic system. As standard, the compact TC7A comes with a combination bin, that can be used as a 3.5cu.m dump bed or, with the sides folded down and the tailgate removed, as a flat bed.

The more powerful TC11A model can be ordered with either a dump bed or as a flat deck. The latter being suitable for use with the likes of lifting gear, concrete mixers or other special equipment. Bell say that cab accessibility and operator comfort are the standout features of these new tracked dumpers, with a purpose-built cab that is ROPS and FOPS certified.


German dumper manufacturer Bergmann produces a range of dump trucks that includes the tracked C912s model, offering a capacity of 10 tonnes from either a rear tipping or swiveling skip. It is powered by a 180kW, Stage 5 Cummins engine, which drives through a ZF converter transmission providing a maximum speed of 15kph. Two hydrostatic powertrains offer constant full power, the hydraulic parking brake holds the fully laden vehicle even on extreme inclines, making practically any terrain accessible. In the cab there is a swiveling operator’s seat and console, with a single, multi-function joystick.


Japanese manufacturer Morooka offers six tracked carriers, through UK and Ireland distributor Cautrac. The range stars with the 2.5-tonne capacity MST-300VD, up to the 15-tonne capacity flagship model, the MST-3000VR. The MST-3000VDR is powered by a 226kW Cat engine, driving through a hydrostatic transmission offering a maximum speed of 12kph. With an overall length of 6.3m and a 3m width, the rotating carrier rides on 800mm wide rubber tracks and has a ground clearance of nearly 350mm. The operator’s cab is heated and air conditioned. There is a choice of tailgate-equipped easy-flow dump bed, a flatbed or no bed.

This year will see the introduction of two new models, the 8-tonne-capacity MST80C and the 11t-tonne-capacity MST110C. Both are powered by Cummins Stage 5 engines delivering 168kW and 186kW respectively. Cabs are fully air conditioned, and control is by way of joysticks located in the operator’s seat.


Better known for their Pisten Bully range of robust, go-anywhere snow grooming machines, the German-based manufacturer Kassbohrer has introduced a new generation of Power Bully tracked dumpers, offering payloads of up to 11.5 tonnes. The alternative undercarriage and cab unit can carry up to 16.6 tonnes of specialist equipment.

These are powered by a 6-cylinder Cummins engine rated at either 235kW or 285kW, which drives a hydrostatic transmission, providing a maximum speed of 14.5kph. It can tackle a slope angle of up to 45-degrees, thanks to its 750mm wide rubber tracks, which result in a ground pressure of just 0.19kg/sq.cm, while its wading depth is 1.3m.


In addition to construction applications, Texas-based Superior Manufacturing produce their tracked carriers for the local energy and renewables sectors of the industry. This has resulted in a design that offers such customers the ultimate in flexibility, not just what is on the back, but also reconfiguring the cab and undercarriage. When it comes to working equipment, this can be swapped for a long list of specialized decks, from flatbed and dump bed, through a knuckle boom, a welding deck, a fuel/lube or water bowser, to a personnel carrier and a fifth wheel trailer coupling.

Four models are offered, starting with the 6.8-tonne-capacity ST-150X, up to the 13.6-tonne-capacity ST-300X. The ST-220XR model features a 360-degree rotating upper-structure, allowing the machine to access difficult-to-reach areas. A fully rotating version of the largest models, the ST-300XR, is currently under development. They are powered by a Cat 7.1-litre engine, rated from 168kw to 223kW.


UK manufacturer Mastenbroek produces a tracked dumper for uses with trenching drainage schemes.


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