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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 01 Apr 2021

Bouncing with Protection

Just when you thought Health & Safety procedures could not get any more extreme in this country, a new safety system looks set to get approval within a matter of days.

Bouncing with Protection

We all know that site personnel need to be protected from the dangers of moving plant and machinery at all times, and that most sites these days have protected walkways to ensure that they keep a safe distance away from the heavy plant.

But in some instances, banksmen & women still need to be within the working area of these machines to direct equipment to the correct areas, especially at fill locations where trucks are tipping, these individuals are seen as extremely vulnerable.

One pioneering organization has come up with a new safety solution which looks set to get the green light, once all the official red tape is sorted. The new Construction Zorb Ball is an inflatable device that surrounds the wearer and will offer him or her total protection from any potential impact of a digger bucket or other heavy pieces of equipment.

Designated as the CZB BS-19 model, the inflatable device will also feature flashing lights, and an audible warning system that alerts the wearer of any piece of equipment that might be coming into range.

One leading PPE supplier is also looking into fitting the units with an air-conditioning package, and is already in talks with a number of leading high-profile Instagram “free stuff” promotors who can offer great publicity for the product!

A spokesman for the organization Klaus Zimmerman said, “For some people this may seem like an extreme measure, but we are confident that the BS-19 will prove to be a great safety solution for the modern age, it also has the added benefit of being a lot of fun for the wearer too, as there are a whole host of options that the suit can be used for after working hours”.

We look forward to seeing how this all pans out as they start the roll out onto sites.


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