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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 09 Jan 2020

Heavyweight Tracked Dumper with Cat Roots

Over the Xmas break I spotted a thread on one of the many plant and machinery groups that are now running on Facebook, the thread in question was discussing the large German built tracked dumper one of which I first spotted during my first visit to Bauma in 2010.

Heavyweight Tracked Dumper with Cat Roots

The Raupen Transporter or Caterpillar Transporter in English, is the brainchild of long-established German family based civil engineering business Wilhelm Haddick GmbH & Co. KG. The machine has been designed to carry large loads over tough terrain and also features a dozer blade at the rear or front whichever way you look at it! This can be used to level the load while tipping, in theory eliminating the need for a dozer at the tip area.

In its unladen form the dumper tips the scale at 28 tonnes but the payload can be up to 30 tonnes. This machine which is based on a Caterpillar 963 tracked shovel unit, can hit a maximum weight of 58 tonnes fully loaded, yet thanks to its long and wide undercarriage can maintain a low ground pressure of just 0.61kg/cm2. Power comes from a Cat C6.6 Acert diesel engine which is Tier 4 emissions compliant and offers a power output rating of 190hp.

Its not known how many of these units are actually out in the field working.

Checkout this video of the machine in action.

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