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All Female Crew Lead the Way: #IWD2021

by Nick Drew  |  Thu 11 Mar 2021

All Female Crew Lead the Way: #IWD2021

Its often said that women who are operating machinery on big projects in Australia and Canada, are equally as good and in fact, look after the kit far better than their male colleagues in the same roles.

That fact is not hard to understand either, there is no boy racer, testosterone fuelled mentality with the ladies, and they just get on with the job in hand in a logical and sensible manner.

As a business, Lendlease has gone about tackling the gender imbalance issue, in an effort to increase the number of women coming into the construction industry, not only in machine operating, but across the board in numerous roles within the sector.

In this video they talk to members of that all female crew who were operating 60-tonne Cat and Komatsu rigid dump trucks on the job upgrading one of Australia’s most important highway routes, about how they came into the industry, what they were doing previously and how Lendlease has helped them progress in the career with training initiatives.  


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