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Another Classic British Hymac is Saved!

by Nick Drew  |  Tue 05 Oct 2021

Another Classic British Hymac is Saved!

The machine which is an example of one of Jeremy’s favourite models the 880C, has been parked up ever since its Volvo engine boiled up while being used by the farmer who owned it. He apparently tracked it across to the side of the field on that fateful day, abandoned her and left her to the ravages of mother nature.

Jeremy has been covering the salvage operation in the Hymac Excavators thread on the Classic Machinery Network forum which you can follow by clicking on the link.

This turned out to be a significant salvage operation, and the new owner turned up well equipped for any scenario they might face, including, even bringing along a spare engine to fit in if it was required.

A number of hydraulic hoses which had blown were replaced and a top up of oil was conducted before any attempt was made to start her. The team behind the recovery opted to fit a good starter motor rigged up to two batteries, to try and turn her over in the traditional manner.

However, that didn’t go to plan and resulted in the starter motor burning out, and two batteries flattened by the effort. But they also brought along a brand-new starter motor, and while the batteries were being charged up, they decide to use the “old school” trick of trying to turn the engine with a crow bar, via the inspection plate on the bell housing, in short it moved but her was a tight spot.

Undeterred by this, they bled the fuel lines, reconnected the batteries, and broke out a couple of cans of Easy Start, but after a few more attempts there was little smoke coming out of the engine.

After one final try black smoke appeared and she finally sprang back into life. The plan was to limp her out to a low loader the following day, to be taken away to undergo a full restoration job, which I look forward to seeing in due course.

Jeremy posted these photos and more on the forum, and I’d like to thank him for sharing with us here. You can checkout the video of the machines first movements in 20 years below!



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