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Engcon Q-Safe “probably the safest quick hitch in the world”

Thu 13 Jun 2013

Engcon Q-Safe “probably the safest quick hitch in the world”

In a scenario very similar to that in the UK these days, quick hitch failures have become a hot topic of debate in Sweden and surrounding Nordic territories. In response to customers concerns about random bucket loss during operation, major attachment manufacturers continue to develop fail safe quick hitch designs. Engcon’s new Q-Safe system, part of the company's new Non Accident Generation of products, is the latest model and according to Engcon is without doubt the safest quick hitch available today. The Q-Safe system has three inbuilt safety features. Firstly, the inbuilt hydraulic safety system works in unison with a sensor that will only allow operation of the quick hitch lock if the bucket or attachment is in contact with the ground. Secondly, a double mechanical lock prevents the tool or attachment coming loose from the quick hitch, even if some part of the primary locking system should fail. Third, another safety design feature is the inclusion of sensors within the quick hitch that activate an alert by significantly cutting the machines hydraulic power, this loss of normal operating flow is also accompanied by audible and visible alarms which alert the operator that locking device is still in the open position. The three current Q-Safe models, QS45, QS60 and QS70, are factory-prepared for Engcon’s EC-Oil system and its functions with automatic electrical and hydraulic connections. The new hitch features a play-free design to prevent premature wear, with double contact surfaces compared to other manufacturers. According to Engcon, the system features longer “shark jaws” for easier and safer picking up and retention of work tools. Here is a short bit of video I shot during my visit to MaskinExpo, which shows the Q-Safe system being demonstrated.
Q-Safe production starts in the Autumn 2013, and will eventually be phased in as Engcon's standard quick hitch, in conjunction with its tiltrotator range      

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