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Engcon tilt-rotator stand

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Mon 11 Oct 2021

Engcon tilt-rotator stand

The introduction of automatic quick hitches has made it easier for excavator operators to disconnect the tilt-rotator when extra digging or lifting power is required. On these occasions, ground conditions may not be suitable to park the tilt-rotator, so it may need to be transported some distance away from the work area. 

That's why Engcon is now launching a new stand to transport and store the tilt-rotator. It thus solves many transportation and storage challenges. To simplify the handling of automatic quick hitches for different types of surfaces, Engcon has developed a tilt-rotator stand where the driver can park the tilt-rotator.

The tilt-rotator stand is made of steel and can be equipped with any attachment. The stand is designed to be carried with pallet forks, which makes it easy for example for a wheel loader, skid-steer loader or truck to carry the tilt-rotator that is protected and firmly connected in the lower quick hitch.

The stand has dimensions of 1,200x800mm, which is the same as a Euro pallet and thus also fits in pallet stands intended for these.

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