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Engcon upgrades EC226 tilt-rotator

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Thu 04 Mar 2021

Engcon upgrades EC226 tilt-rotator

Engcon’s EC226, the second largest tilt-rotator for excavators in the 19- to 26-tonne weight class, now has a more powerful lifting hook that is approved for 8 tons, according to EN 474-1: 2006 + A6: 2019 ANNEX E. The upgrade applies to the directly attached tilt-rotators.

Making the improvement possible is an upgraded top with more powerful side plates. The more powerful lifting hook can handle three tons more than the previous model, and with a larger diameter it can hold more robust chains or lifting straps – something customers have requested in the past. The lifting hook has a CE mark like all the other lifting hooks that Engcon mounts on its tilt-rotators. The EC226 upgrade applies with immediate effect, and the 8-ton hook is already in production and delivered as standard on all directly attached EC226 tilt-rotators.

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