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Euclids on Parade

by Nick Drew  |  Fri 24 Sep 2021

Euclids on Parade

The get together occurred at the latest edition of the National Pike Steam Show which takes place in Pennsylvania, United States.

Owners of the assembled Euclid earthmoving machines decided to celebrate the brand with a “grand tour” of the show ground. Machines ranged from examples of the 15-ton FD-Series models, to S7 scrapers and rear dumps and even C-6 and TC-12 dozers.

Photo: Courtesy of the SWPARE Blogspot 

Another machine of note was what I believe to be a Euclid R-55 which when first launched, was regarded as something of a monster truck, capable of carrying 50-tons and powered by twin Detroit Diesel engines producing 600hp.

Fans of the famous old “green” brand will love the sight and more importantly the sounds of this display of American iron, so enjoy!  


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