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First Hitachi EX2000-7 excavator in Ghana

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Wed 19 Jun 2024

First Hitachi EX2000-7 excavator in Ghana

A mining customer in Ghana has taken delivery of the country’s first Hitachi EX2000-7. Engineers & Planners utilises the ultra-large excavator at the Cardinal Namdini mine in Bolgatanga, where it plays a pivotal role in loading a fleet of rigid and articulated dump trucks. Its performance has been so impressive that the company decided to acquire a second EX2000-7 some months after its arrival.

The decision to opt for the 190-tonne Hitachi EX2000-7 was due to Engineers & Planners’ positive experience with its existing Hitachi machinery fleet, particularly four EX1900-6 excavators. The capabilities and reliability of Hitachi machines, coupled with their fuel efficiency and durability, made the EX2000-7 an obvious choice for enhancing operational efficiency and maximising productivity.

According to Project Manager Andrew Ofori, the EX-7 model has had a positive impact on operations. “The digging power has been good, the excavator loads dump trucks in less than two minutes and we have less than five loads of a bucket into the truck before it moves to dump, which has greatly improved our productivity.” The camera is also a welcome addition, helping to prevent undercarriage damage, protecting both the machine and the operator.

Enhanced comfort and safety
The Hitachi EX2000-7 offers operator comfort, enhanced visibility with a 360-degree camera system, and substantial fuel savings. Ofori added, “When you enter the cab, it is spacious and the air conditioning provides a comfortable working environment.”

The strong partnership between Engineers & Planners and the local authorised Hitachi dealer, SMT Ghana, has been key to facilitating operations and prompt resolution of any issues. SMT's robust after-sales support, including dedicated on-site technicians and ongoing technical support has further reinforced the trust and collaboration between them.

The introduction of the new EX2000-7 machines is indicative of Ghana’s position as a thriving mining market. This is in part due to the implementation of the local content law leading to the growth of local mining support companies. “At SMT Ghana, we anticipate further expansion and opportunities in the Ghanaian market, and hope to leverage this success in other countries across Africa, including Mali, Mauritania, and Morocco,” said Frederic Calmes, SMT’s Regional Mining Key Account Manager.

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