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Flannery Fits GKD Systems

by Graham Black  |  Wed 06 Feb 2019

Flannery Fits GKD Systems

Flannery Plant Hire has a history of introducing the next generation of equipment and sub-systems and has recently chosen to standardise on GKD’s 2RCi rated capacity indicator (RCI). In addition to height, slew and safe load indication, the GKD system also provides an indication of digging depth, which also helps in the placement of lifted items.

Flannery’s Chris Matthew said, “Ultimately, we want to use an RCI that helps the operators stay safe and work with as much information as possible, but not so much that it becomes a distraction. The GKD system certainly delivers on these criteria.

“The colour touch-screen is very user friendly and intuitive and the fact that this product allows for real time equipment monitoring is a real bonus. We decided to take the additional slew module because it allows us to pre-set up to five different slew duties.”

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