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JCB 245XR reduced tailswing excavator

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Tue 21 Sep 2021

JCB 245XR reduced tailswing excavator

JCB has announced the first Stage 5 reduced tailswing model in its growing X-Series crawler excavator line up. The 245XR will compete in the 22- to 26-tonne reduced swing market and features a full size, sector-leading, 1m wide cab plus a Stage 5 JCB Dieselmax engine.

At just 1,720mm, the 245XR has a tail swing that is 40% shorter than the conventional 220X, with which it shares many features. The 245XR can be ordered with a choice of monoboom or a TAB triple articulating boom and there is a choice of 2.4m and 3.0m dipper arms, for increased breakout or maximum reach. Maximum digging reach with the monoboom is 9,952mm, with a maximum digging depth of 6,627mm.

With a choice of 600 to 900mm heavy-duty track pads, the 245XR is said to offer exceptional stability for digging across track and for lifting duties on site. An optional dozer blade is offered, too.

The 245XR is powered by a Stage 5 JCB Dieselmax 448 diesel engine producing 129kW (173hp). The 4.8-litre engine uses a Selective Catalytic Reduction Filter (SCR-F) that comprises a combined SCR, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) with a large ash holding capacity. There is no requirement for Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and the system has been removed from the new inlet manifold, resulting in a cleaner burning engine.

The hydraulic system uses latest generation Kawasaki pumps, with Kayaba main control valve for fine control. The hydraulic hose diameter has been increased to deliver improved flow with less resistance, boosting performance and driveline efficiency.

Despite the compact rear bodywork, JCB has installed large service doors, providing easy access to all filters and fill points. Air filter and hydraulic filter life is up to 2,000 hours, while engine oil changes intervals are set at 500 hours. There are wide, well-spaced steps and grab rails for upper structure access, reducing maintenance times and boosting safety.

Find out more about the new JCB 245XR in an upcoming edition of Earthmovers Magazine.

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