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Just taking the Doosan for a spin!

by Nick Drew  |  Mon 04 Oct 2021

Just taking the Doosan for a spin!

Personally, I’m not into motor racing, but if there is earthmoving equipment involved, then I’m your man!

The video below highlights the sponsorship deal by Doosan and their Norwegian dealers Doosan Rosendal Maskin AS, of the young and promising 17-year-old Citroën DS3 racing driver Niklas Eker Abrahamsen, who coincidently hails from Norway too, the historical home of Doosan ADT’s (formerly Moxy) and as such a great fit for the sponsorship.

Niklas, who has been sponsored by Rosendal Maskin since 2019, recently took part in the famous Artic Circle Midnight Cup Race and was also joined by a Doosan DA30-7 ADT which travelled north for a promotional photo shoot opportunity.

Also featuring in this stunning video is machine operator Anne Elise Barclay Kristiansen who drives a Doosan DA30-7 in her regular job for LNS AS in its Rana Gruber mining division in Mo i Rana. Anne is seen driving the truck, which was built in Doosan’s manufacturing plant in Elnesvågen in its more natural habitat, and in addition, taking a spin around the track along with Niklas in his DS3, it’s a cracking bit of film, so enjoy!  


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