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Keep your distance

by Richard Cosgrove  |  Mon 04 Nov 2019

Keep your distance

14th October 2019, marks the 10 year anniversary of SiteZone Safety. Originally known as OnGrade, SiteZone Safety focused on improving the safety and efficiency of mobile plant operations.

Its primary objective was to prevent workers from succumbing to work-related collision incidents with vehicles and plant machinery. This is especially relevant in high risk industries, such as construction or waste and recycling, where workers are often in close proximity to vehicles and plant in confined spaces.

SiteZone Safety’s most well-known and successful safety offering is the SiteZone RFID (radio frequency identification) proximity warning system. It was designed to be a safety enhancement to existing safety protocols and it reflects the best of harnessing technology for specific safety needs. SiteZone has evolved into a suite of proximity warning products that cater to the various collision risk demands of clients.

In fact, there are 12,000 SiteZone tags being worn by workers across the UK to date.

The innovative produce range includes SiteZone iNstant, which was the UK’s first wireless RFID PWS; Dumper Advance, a robust RFID PWS designed specifically for forward tipping dumpers, with more flexible exclusion zone capability;  BucketZone, designed for extendable machine parts which may accidentally strike personnel; OverSite, the telematic function, which captures data from SiteZone to be used as a safety monitoring and benchmarking tool for managers; the latest - patent pending SmartBubble, that uses a range of technologies to increase the efficacy of the SiteZone system on site.

SiteZone Safety has an ongoing relationship with hire partners, ESS Safeforce, making SiteZone and its ancillary products accessible to all workers, and companies in high collision risk industries. Being able to hire SiteZone Safety products offers not just safety coverage, but technical support and at an affordable cost for smaller operators.

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