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Material gets shaken not stirred thanks to Strickland Direct

Mon 22 Jul 2013

Material gets shaken not stirred thanks to Strickland Direct

There are so many attachments available for excavators these days, which can really transform your machine into a multi-purpose tool carrier. I know I could spend an absolute fortune on them if I had the reserves to do so and the amount of work with my mini excavator to justify the expense. I recently placed an order for this shaker/riddling bucket from Pershore based manufacturer Strickland Direct. The bucket was manufactured and dispatched to me in record time and on Friday I got to try it out for the first time. This bucket will come in handy here, as we have a number of rubbish piles containing hard-core and dirt, which I can now separate, and at some point in the future I can bring in a mini crusher to process the hard-core and turn it into a useful product for the gateways here at Digger Towers! This latest bucket joins my existing mini excavator work tools, that now include a Berti flail mower, boom broom, and my Diga-Bara dumper attachment. I still have a number of items on the wish list of course, and it goes without saying that one of them is a tiltrotator, and the other item being a rotary selector grab. Look out for my article in an upcoming edition of Earthmovers Magazine, where I will be taking a look at the wide variety of attachments on offer for excavators.  

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