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New Kobelco SK26SR-7 and SK28SR-7 minis

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Wed 18 Oct 2023

New Kobelco SK26SR-7 and SK28SR-7 minis

Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME) has launched brand new SK26SR-7 and next-generation SK28SR-7 mini-excavators, which feature a number of important improvements.

The two new models follow Kobelco’s Performance x Design concept, which promotes superior performance, a more comfortable cabin and improved working environment. Ideal for jobsites where space is restricted, the Kobelco SK26SR-7 and SK28SR-7 have short radius designs. The SK28SR-7 also benefits from an increased engine output from 18kW to 19kW and an improved hydraulic system for enhanced operability versus the previous model. For increased versatility, the Quick Hitch piping has also been extended by 200mm for easy connection to a wide range of attachments.

The removable travel levers improve accessibility to the main control valve, which helps to facilitate maintenance and servicing of the hydraulics, ensuring smoother operations and reducing downtime. The Angle Dozer (optional) is available on the SK28SR-7 and provides 25 degrees of left and right-angle movement for clearing, grading and backfilling for improved control of changing terrain. The Floating Dozer (optional) enables cleaning of the ground surface without having to adjust the dozer height, once again improving work efficiency.

Importantly, the new SK26SR-7 also has a low transport weight of 2,580kg (cab) and 2,420kg (canopy), making it transportable on a trailer with a maximum capacity of 3,500kg. Inside the cabin, features include a mechanical suspension and reclining seat including headrest, wider wrist rests, DAB+ radio with FM/AM & AUX & USB, Bluetooth and hands-free telephone function, smartphone and cup holders.

The 3.5-inch multi-colour display provides important machine information, including fuel and water temperature, service intervals and adjustments to the hydraulic oil flow to the attachments (Hydraulic Flow Adjustment). Quick access to this information can help ensure timely maintenance, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and optimising the machines’ lifespan.

Both the SK26SR-7 and SK28SR-7 also benefit from air conditioning as standard – a relatively unique feature for models in this weight segment, reckons Kobelco. In addition, the models are equipped with Kobelco’s innovative iNDr (integrated noise and dust reduction cooling system) a method of noise suppression that promotes low noise, exceptional engine cooling, enhanced reliability, minimal machine downtime and a more comfortable working environment for the operator.

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