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The devil is in the detail

by Graham Black  |  Mon 30 Sep 2019

The devil is in the detail

Earlier this year Komatsu launched the PC360i-11, the first 36-tonne class excavator with a fully integrated semi-automatic 3D GPS system. The first of these excavators in the UK was purchased by Barnsley-based Wordsworth Excavations, known for making best use of the latest technology.

The new excavator has been working on the construction of a large distribution centre in Leeds, which is believed to be the first project in Europe that a PC360i has been deployed on. The excavator is performing well, but its new owner has also put a lot of thought into the most appropriate buckets to use on this high-tech machine.

Specifically, Wordsworth has chosen Miller Scoop buckets to maximise payload. They are shaped differently to the norm, and Miller says that they match the natural arc of the digger arm, which also has the effect of reducing strain on the excavator itself. In turn, this increases digging force and decreases power requirements, resulting in better fuel economy. The profile of the bucket enables operators to cut through the ground more effectively with minimal resistance, while its self-fill action delivers a maximum payload.

Wordsworth’s Mark Briggs said, “It just goes to show that it’s really important to invest and specify the right attachments. The increased productivity from using Miller’s products on our new machine has allowed us to achieve the tight schedules on the sites that we work on.”

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