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Volvo EC480E joins Ron Hull fleet

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Wed 27 Nov 2019

Volvo EC480E joins Ron Hull fleet

Ron Hull Demolition Ltd of Rotherham, South Yorkshire has equipped itself with a Volvo EC480E rigged with both High Reach and intermediate demolition equipment.

The new EC480E has been supplied with both a high reach demolition three-piece boom and a multi demolition boom – both of which are mounted on the patented Volvo modular base boom joint system. This is only the second time a multi demolition boom option has been sold on a Volvo machine in the UK. The EC480E also features a hydraulically adjustable undercarriage and hydraulically demountable additional counterweight giving the conventional 50-tonne excavator an all up operating weight of 64 tonnes. Other key options ordered by Ron Hull include a fire suppression system and a Chalwyn engine air intake shutdown valve for working in hazardous environments such as petro-chemical establishments and refineries.

When fitted with the three-piece demolition rig, Ron Hull’s EC480E is capable of handling a maximum tool weight of 3.5 tonnes, half a tonne more than standard thanks to the additional weight of the hydraulically adjustable undercarriage. Thus rigged, the machine offers a maximum pin height of 28 metres, a maximum reach of 16 metres and a safe operating angle of 15 degrees. The addition of the multi boom, which is a 3.4-metre extension piece that fits between the modular base boom joint and the remainder of the rig, gives the machine a far greater degree of flexibility and allows a maximum tool weight of five tonnes to be used.

The equipment can be fitted in the straight position providing a pin height of 15.8 metres and a safe working radius of eight metres. It can also be re-configured to work in an angled or bent position. This gives a reduced pin height of 12.9 metres but an increased reach of 9.6 metres – again with a maximum tool weight of five tonnes. This configuration also allows the machine to reach a pin depth of seven metres and is an ideal solution for underground demolition works such as basements, underground car parks and even underwater demolition.

The EC480E is powered by a Volvo Stage IV 13-litre engine developing 376hp for the two variable displacement pumps each providing 376 litres per minute. Besides operating a larger Volvo EC700C in standard configuration, the new EC480E is the largest high reach demolition machine in Ron Hull’s mixed fleet of equipment.

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