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Thu 29 Aug 2013

Volvo reveals innovative plans to the international press

The guests were also invited to attend the companyís inaugural Innovation Forum, which took place at the Eskilstuna factory. During the event, Volvo Construction Equipment announced its plans to develop driverless machines that will use anti-collision technology and computer programming to enable the machines to communicate with each other. This futuristic technology could be used to relieve operators from the more mundane tasks that we often have to engage in, like truck loading, and haymaking spoil for instance. This may sound like science fiction to many of us who operate machines on a daily basis, but itís likely to become a reality in the future.† You can read more on this incredible development in our Editor, Graham Blackís report from Eskilstuna in a future edition of Earthmovers Magazine. In the meantime, here is a taste of the normal machine activity from our good friend, Finnish journalist and Editor of Koneporssi, Olli Paivio, who was also lucky enough to attend the demonstration, and has put together this video.

Over the next three weeks, it is expected that over 5,000 buyers from around the world will attend the machine presentations, which are held at the Eskilstuna customer centre.  

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