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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 14 Jan 2021

A Compact Duck for All Seasons

Volvoís new EWR130E wheeled excavator is attracting a lot of attention and its not hard to see why, as itís sets a new standard in the 12-13 tonne class.

A Compact Duck for All Seasons

Operators I speak to have nothing but high praise for Volvo’s range of reduced tailswing “rubber ducks” in every aspect. I expect that to continue with the introduction of the latest model to join the range, the long awaited EWR130E.  

With a rear overhang of just 1.55m, and front swing, at only 1.81m, the machine has shortest swing in the 12-13t class.

The closely packaged machine is a first on many levels and has been designed from a clean sheet of paper, with extensive customer input. The result is a machine that is extremely manoeuvrable yet offers excellent lifting performance, digging force, application flexibility and operator visibility – not to mention spacious comfort and ease of use. 

According to Volvo the EWR130E wheeled excavator is an exceptionally versatile machine, helped by the easy attachment setup. The pressure and flow for up to 32 attachments can be pre-programmed without the need for a service technician. Connecting to hydraulic attachments can also be carried out from the cab, thanks to the Steelwrist Auto Connect Coupler.

Steelwrist tiltrotators offer much improved tool flexibility at a wide range of angles, while the factory-fitted preparation system enables the tiltrotator to be controlled using the original joysticks and operator profiles set up on the main display.

With travel speeds up to 35km/hr (22 mph) it is no slowcoach, and its Boom Suspension System engages at speeds above 5km/hr (3 mph) to absorb shocks and reduce bouncing over rough or bumpy terrain. While the optional axle-mounted mudguards help keep the machine clean, the Comfort Drive Control function allows the excavator to be steered while on jobsites using just the joystick, at speeds up to 20km/hr (12mph). And thanks to a TÜV- approved tow hitch, the EWR130E can pull a trailer weighing 3t – or 8t when fitted with additional overrun brakes.

The Digger Man Blog expects this new machine to be very popular, not only in Central Europe, but also here in the UK, and I for one look forward to getting “hands on” with one in due course.

Checkout this promotional video featuring the EWR130E from Volvo.

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