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by Nick Drew  |  Mon 16 Nov 2020

A Flying Finn the new Wille 475

Rarely, if ever seen in the UK, the Finnish built Wille Compact Loader/tool carriers are seen in action all over the place in Nordic regions, where they are put to use on a wide range of applications from snow clearance to gritting and verge maintenance.

A Flying Finn the new Wille 475

The company have recently re-designed there most popular mid-range sized machine the 475, which features a stylish new sleek look and a host of new technologies included and they were keen to share the news about it with us here on the Digger Man Blog.

This latest addition to the Wille 400 range is a clear step forward from the previous model in terms of technology and appearance. This fourth generation Wille machine was named after the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet - delta, also known as a mathematical sign signifying change.

"Externally, the new Wille has undergone a fundamental makeover. The machine can be customised with a focus on the customer’s corporate colours, by simply changing its easily replaceable cover parts. Wille machines that busily carry out varying tasks among street traffic all year round, often make the most distinct part of the owner company's image.

The cover parts of the machine are made from a special plastic compound developed in co-operation with the material manufacturer to better endure the use in winter. The material is also 100% recyclable, says Antti Lindström, industrial designer at Vilakone.

Thanks to the curved front and rear windows, the glass door and the low-profile instrument panel, the view from the panoramic cabin is superb, offering the operator much more visibility than on the previous model. The glass door has a sliding window and the upper corners of the cab are fitted with extra LED rear lights. The noise level in the cab is also lower than the previous model and the operating controls are correctly positioned in terms of ergonomics. The fuses and circuit boards that are located on the right-hand side of the cab can be easily accessed from outside via an opening door.

"The operator can now enjoy of a new, larger and sharper monitor that is better positioned than before and provides comprehensive data about the machine's functions. The user interface has also been completely redesigned. All the functions on the display are controlled by a navigation roller integrated in the armrest. There are shortcut keys next to the navigation roller for the most frequently used functions, such as selection of the driving mode, flow control of the hydraulic circuits and the cruise control. The settings for each work attachment can be saved on the display, which helps the operator use the attachments in a correct manner. The natural differences between the operators have also been recognised, and it is possible to create a specific user profile for each operator, taking into account his or her own preferences", says Jesse Suonsivu, the chief of construction at Vilakone.

The Wille 475 is powered by a Stage V emissions compliant Kohler diesel engine of 55 kW fitted with a particle filter and a catalyst. Like in all other Wille models, the second generation 100% HVO biodiesel can also be used as fuel in Wille 475. The engine is paired up with a Danfoss gearbox with electric control.

The new technology makes it possible to make better use of the engine's ideal operating range, which increases the efficiency and lowers the fuel consumption.  As a new feature, the operator can now choose from four driving modes. This enables the operator to select the mode that is most suitable for the job at hand. It is also possible to use cruise control on each mode.

The parking brake is automatically engaged when the direction control is in the neutral position. One of the most important new technological innovations is the electrically controlled loader valve. It enables the operator to choose the lifting and lowering speeds as well as the acceleration. Corresponding settings are also possible for curling of the bucket.

The standard configuration contains hydraulic circuits for a motor and a cylinder both to the front and rear, a reversing buzzer that can be switched on and off, programmable automatic suspension of the loader, a reminder of the service interval as well as a steering wheel that can be lifted and lowered and adjusted in depth. The range of accessories available for Wille 475 is wide. These options can include: immobilizer, LED warning lights integrated in the cab upper storage panels and a display-controlled central lubrication system as well as readiness for installation of an aerial work platform.

"The innovations in the new Wille 475 manifest our ability to meet the challenges of time. We are very proud of the Key Flag symbol that Wille machines were awarded last year. Our highly-appreciated work is now continued in Wille 475" says Mr Risto Aarnio-Wihuri, the CEO of Wihuri Group.  

Checkout this video from our friends over at Konepörssi from the launch event of this new model. Its in Finnish language but you will get the jist of it! 

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