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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 09 Sep 2021

A Laymanís Guide to the Backhoe Loader

Those fine folks over at Ritchie Bros invited me to do a basic walkaround video on the topic of backhoe loaders which I was delighted to be involved with.

A Laymanís Guide to the Backhoe Loader

The purpose of the video is to explain the overall concept of the backhoe loader, primarily to people who might not be aware of the machines various components and what can be achieved with them.

The backhoe loader has evolved massively over the years and while not as popular on sites as they once were these days, is still one of the most versatile machines available. Leading manufacturers include JCB, CASE, Caterpillar and the subject of this video walkaround the Turkish built Hidromek, but there are also premium nordic style versions such as the Huddig from Sweden and Lannen from Finland.

There is so much these venerable machines can do, especially in the hands of a really experienced operator, whether it be digging, loading, grading, forklifting or using a multitude of hydraulic attachments as a tool carrier, the BHL really is the Swiss Army Knife of construction machines.

Checkout the Ritchie Bros video below.


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