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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 26 Nov 2020

A Sticky Situation for a Takeuchi

Sometimes no matter how good you are on a machine, you can end up in trouble on dodgy ground, the key to retrieving the situation is knowing when to stop, and to call for help!

A Sticky Situation for a Takeuchi

With the exceptions of all the hero operators that we encounter online, I’m sure many of us have at one time or another been caught out, I know I have on a couple of occasions. But when the proverbial s*** hits the fan, its handy to have great friends to call on!

That was the case recently, when internet machinery sensation Chris Guins aka Lets-Dig 18 was called upon to help some friends out, who had got a 6-tonne Takeuchi TB260 in a spot of bother in some very bad ground.

Chris arrived on the scene and initially discovered that the lever pattern had been changed, so the first job was to get the machine into a position whereby they could raise the bonnet and change the pattern to the more familiar ISO pattern. He then got to work with the main job in hand, getting that stricken machine out of the quagmire!

Check out the video to see how he got on…..

The Digger Man blog would like to thank Chris for the use of his material in this blog post. Checkout his Lets-Dig 18 You Tube channel for more videos. 

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