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by Nick Drew  |  Mon 17 Aug 2020

A Tidy Site is an Efficient Site

Something a bit different here today on the Digger Man Blog, mainly due to the fact, that it contains very little digger or earthmoving machinery content, but it does deliver an important message about a great system for keeping jobs tidy.

A Tidy Site is an Efficient Site

We have all arrived on some sites where it looks like a bomb has gone off! Pipes and other drainage materials, road barriers and associated materials, laying all over the place often at risk of being driven over by careless plant operators, resulting not only in the loss of the materials but also costing a fortune and in some ways delaying progress on the job site.  

Drainfast based in Petersfield came up with the perfect solution to this problem by developing a simple but effective system for storing such items with the SiteStak work station concept. Drainfast estimate that around 400 sites have now invested in the workstations to store, transport and work with their drainage products.

Some of the leading groundworks companies in the country are now using these SiteStak units including ECL, Conlon, and a great Hampshire based company Gracelands Civil Engineering who I used to work for a lot in the past.

The great thing about these units is they can be picked up by forklift or excavators with a fork attachment and moved around site easily, while safe in the knowledge that expensive bends and couplings remain safely stored within the compartments.

The Digger Man Blog would like to thank Mark Chambers of Drainfast SiteStak for contacting us to talk about this product. 

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