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by Nick Drew  |  Wed 08 Jul 2020

Bogged Down with Work!

Its been a little while since we featured a machine stuck post here on the Digger Man Blog, but these photos came flying into me last week from our Russian friend on Instagram Evgeny Akhtytsev.

Bogged Down with Work!

Evgeny is better known on Instagram as brutaldigger, where he has amassed 8,260 followers who check out his daily adventures operating a Hyundai R 220LC-9A hydraulic excavator in and around the Kaliningrad area.

The incident which is the focus of this batch of photos took place back in 2017, some 30 kilometres from the city of Kaliningrad. Some friends of Evgeny had dug out a pond in a peat bog, which as we all know can be extremely treacherous material to move on.

Apparently during the excavation, the drainage system was damaged. The JCB JS220 was not on wide track pads and very quickly became stuck fast in the peat. The operator tried his best to get out, but as is so often the case, he just made a bad situation even worse.

At that time Evgeny was operating a similar JS220LC long undercarriage version in Kaliningrad and answered the call to come to the rescue of his friend.

We thank Evgeny for sharing these photos with us here on the Digger Man Blog.







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