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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 20 Jan 2022

Building a Business Down Under with Hidromek Kit

While trawling the internet over the weekend, I came across a great story from the guys and girls at Onetrak, who are one of the Australian dealers for Turkish built Hidromek machinery, featuring one of their customers, New Look Civil who are based in Melbourne.

Building a Business Down Under with Hidromek Kit

Managing Director of New Look Civil John Field, started the business around 2 ½ years ago, initially setting up as a sole trader, which involved as John put it, “Hot seating between different machines”.

Having been in the construction contracting and groundworks industry for 13 years previously, John had amassed a good selection of contacts, which have proven to be invaluable for his fledgling business, which has grown very quickly since the start up. John worked on his own for around 6 months, and as workload grew, he hired a few guys in as required, and today he’s employing 10 members of staff.

Like many others these days John’s first machine purchase was a 3-tonne mini excavator, but the fleet has since expanded to 9 pieces of equipment, which now includes excavators in the 20, 40 and 50-tonne class brackets, as much of their work these days features drainage and bulk excavation.  

John had never been one to stick with a particular brand, but when a friend of his purchased a Hidromek he decided to go over and check it out for himself. He was clearly impressed as on the job featured in this story, they were running two HMK370LC’s, one HMK220LC and a larger HMK490LC

Talking to Onetrak about the machines John said, “My favourite Hidromek model would have to be the HMK370LC. It’s smooth, it’s quick, it’s powerful. It’s just an all-round fantastic machine”.

“The Hidromeks caught my eye because Turkey, where Hidromek is manufactured, is predominantly rock based so you would figure a machine that is built for those conditions would be suitable machines for the work we do”.

“I think the more people try them the more Hidromeks will be seen around Australia. People who give them a try see what a great machine they are. They are on par if not better than other more known brands”.

“Their point of different is they’re close to unbeatable. They just keep going and the fuel efficiency is fantastic. Where I had to refuel every day with a previous machine, I now only have to refuel every second day doing the same task”.

“Our fleet now consists of three Hidromeks. We’re looking to expand again and we will be going with Hidromek in the future. They have not let us down and they just continue to amaze me on a daily basis”.

Photo Credit: Onetrak.

As regular readers of my blog will know, I’m a big fan of the Hidromek product, and its great to see them having success like this down in Australia and indeed, around the world.

Checkout this great video featuring New Look Civil from the team at Onetrak, who I would also like to credit for the photos and the information contained in this post.




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