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by Nick Drew  |  Mon 15 Nov 2021

Cable Laying Tools Lead the Way

When you have been working in the cable and utilities laying business for 30 years, you know a thing or two about what is needed to perform that task quickly and efficiently. Finnish company Viestra Oy, which was founded in 1994 is one such business.

Cable Laying Tools Lead the Way

Viestra is one of the most experienced cable laying companies in Finland, working mainly in the telecommunication and electric cable contracting sector, in addition to its civil engineering, earthworks and substation services.

Over the years the company has designed and developed their own specialist cable ploughs and additional work tools dedicated to the cable laying sector. With a lot of interest being generated in the attachments the company has decided to bring its own range of work tools to the market, selling them under the trade name of Groundec.  

Four dedicated tools are currently available in the Groundec range.

Cable Plough

All Groundec ploughs are fabricated using 100% Hardox steel which is well proven for its durability in tough ground engaging work. Groundec suggest that using a plough compared to traditional digging methods can increase productivity making the job 10 times faster and with less requirement for ground crew. The ploughs are available in different sizes for excavators ranging from 8-30 tonnes.


With more and more utilities being put to ground these days, its always good to know just where the cables are laid for future reference. With that in mind Groundec have developed the Geomaster, a device that measures and records the depth and location of the cable as it is laid into the ground.

This device allows cable data to be viewed with immediate effect, using cable data location software at headquarters or on a mobile device.

Cable Spreader

Groundec’s cable spreader makes picking up cable drums a fast and simple one-man operation. Hydraulically adjustable in width, it also features hydraulic winding for controlled laying of the cable into the trench.

Finishing Plate

And finally, specifically designed for the cable laying industry, reinstatement of the ground is made easy with Groundec’s unique finishing plate attachment. The attachment which is available for excavators from 14-26 tonnes, reminds me of a large-scale concrete float, and is shaped to facilitate levelling as the base excavator travels in either direction.

Checkout this promotional video from Groundec.

The Digger Man Blog would like to thank Pekka Nupponen of Groundec for sharing the material contained in this blog post.




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