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by Nick Drew  |  Wed 13 Jan 2021

Cat Mini Excavator on the Piste

Swiss Caterpillar dealer Avesco Cat have come up with a fun promotional video to promote the ability of the Next Gen excavators.

Cat Mini Excavator on the Piste

In what can only be described as the craziest skiing event ever, Avesco Cat have pitted crack Swiss slalom skier, and Olympic runner up in 2018, Ramon Zenhäusern in a race against a specially converted Cat 301.8 Next Gen mini excavator, at 3800m above sea level!

It was a case of 3-2-1 Go! As the pair set off down the hill, negotiating the twists and turns of the slalom course. At the controls of the Cat was Avesco demonstration operator Christoph Zaugg, 36, who was keen to show off the abilities of the unique “Stick Steer” concept that is a real standout feature of the new Cat mini excavators.

Eagle eyed viewers will note the excavator is sporting steel tracks with spikes on, instead of the standard rubber track configuration, this set up enabled the machine to gain enough traction in the snow and to prevent it from just sliding out of control!

Apart from the spiked tracks, the machine was a standard, out of the factory production model, check out the video below to see if the Cat was on the slippery slope, or on track for victory!

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