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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 14 Feb 2020

Classic Cat Prototype Scrapers (Archive Photos)

Back in 2011 when my brand was simply the Digger Blog, I received some amazing old photos from John R Gerhold, who at the time was working for Caterpillar as a Product Application Specialist for wheeled tractor scrapers in America.

Classic Cat Prototype Scrapers (Archive Photos)

These classic shots, which were taken at the Peoria Proving Grounds, show a number of prototype models from the days when the company still built products in the iron to prove a concept.

First up are a couple of photos of some elevating scrapers that never made it into production, in the shape of 623, 633, and a 653 model.

This series of photos show examples of Caterpillars largest scraper, the famous 657 model. The first two shots show a prototype dual bowl version.

And another shot of a tandem version 657, which was basically two scrapers linked together. Once again none of these concept machines went into full production.

And now looking like something out of a Thunderbirds movie, a very futuristic looking prototype scraper known as the Caterpillar 3001.

Finally, in this batch, a very strange looking piece of kit, a scraper on dozer style tracks which was used at the Peoria Proving Ground to simulate “pull and drag” forces.

Sadly we do not have much info on this or any of the other photos, but I am sure you will agree it’s very interesting to see shots of unusual items of plant which never made it into production.

We thank John for sharing these rare, and possibly previously unseen before photos with us.


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