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by Nick Drew  |  Tue 03 Feb 2015

Digbits re-visited

In this blog I am going to share a few more photos from my visit to Staffordshire based attachment specialists Digbits, my story about whom featured in the January issue of Earthmovers Magazine last December.

The owner of Digbits, John Clay, has always been a huge supporter of the mini excavator concept, but recalls like many of us, that back in the early days around the late 1970’s when the little machines started appearing in the UK, many people would not take them seriously, often referring to them as “toys” or a “gimmick”. In typical “set in our ways” British fashion, many still refused to embrace new technology preferring to opt for the tried and tested backhoe loader, but in due course people quickly started to realise that these mini machines were actually very useful bits of kit indeed. Today these machines can be armed with an enormously wide range of attachments and tools and a glance at Digbits catalogue shows the wide and diverse range of work tools that they offer as company.  One of the company’s latest products is their all new rotary selector grab the Bav R 63, which was being put to good use grabbing pallets and putting them in the waste timber skips on the premises. The popular choice of tool these days for demolition contractors and waste transfer facilities, this model is likely to be the first of an extensive range of in-house built Bav rotary selector grabs which are certain to be offered at a competitive price. The crusher bucket is another market which Digbits are competing in, offering a range of sizes to suit machines from 2.5 tonnes right up to 25 tonnes. This CB3 model was demonstrated on a Kubota U55-4 machine on the day of my visit. At the core of Digbits business is buckets, pins, linkages and replacement rubber tracks, a selection of which were waiting ready for dispatch on the warehouse floor. I have a couple of useful attachments in my arsenal from the Digbits range including a “Boom Broom”, a simple but effective sweeping system for a mini excavator and I am confident it will not be the last item, as in my eyes, attachments are king!  

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