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by Nick Drew  |  Wed 09 Jun 2021

Doosan ADT Prototype on Trial

Bernhard Skåland who runs the Norwegian Earthmovers You Tube channel has recently posted a video which features the first sighting of a brand-new prototype ADT from Doosan, which has been developed at the request of Norwegian contractor Hæhre Entreprenør AS, who Bernhard works for as an operator.

Doosan ADT Prototype on Trial

Hæhre were looking for a specific type of 4x4 articulated truck for their work. Apparently, they have a lot of projects coming up that involve running trucks up steep hills, across difficult ground with twisting turns. It would be very difficult terrain for their existing fleet of Cat 772 rigid dump trucks to negotiate, so they have been looking at options, with the obvious one springing to mind being the Bell B60E, but they were considered both too wide and too heavy for this particular application.

So Hæhre decided to approach Doosan whose factory is the former Moxy facility in Moide, on the west coast of Norway who seemed to be the most logical choice for a co-operation. The machine which is based around Doosan’s DA 45 model has been customised to suit Hæhre’s requirements.

The request was for a truck with a width of under 4 metres, with less weight than a conventional DA 45 for ease of transportation, but still be capable of carrying a 50-tonne payload. Following test trials in a quarry close to the factory, this first prototype is now being evaluated on site with Hæhre in true site conditions, where Bernhard has been loading it with his Cat excavator.

Feedback is already with the design team at the factory, who according to Bernhard have been flexible and open to their customer’s needs on this.

It sounds like a perfect case of a working collaboration for the greater good of both parties, and I’m sure Bernhard will keep us updated when the trials are done and the finished product is delivered in due course.   

Checkout Bernhard’s video below.   


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