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by Nick Drew  |  Tue 14 Nov 2023

Electric Dreams are a Reality for Lekatech

Our followers and indeed, readers of Earthmovers Magazine, may recall that during my recent visit to Maxpo in Finland, I was fortunate enough to get a first look at the new Lekatech electric hammer for excavators.

Electric Dreams are a Reality for Lekatech

Pictured above: Satu Rämö Lekatech Oy Marketing and Communications Manager (Left) and Antti Anttila CEO (Right).

Lekatech Oy is a Finnish based technology business who are introducing this revolutionary impact hammer which is based on their patented linear electric motor technology.

Lekatech’s electric hammer disrupts the traditional hydraulic impact hammer market, catering to both urban and mining environments, especially with the integration of electric carrier machines. The electric hammer increases energy efficiency by 70 percent compared to its hydraulic counterparts.

The company states that this electric powered attachment is a major advance in hammer design and construction. Not only is it lighter on the end of the dipper arm, its high-power impact, produces much lower vibrations, making it a lot more comfortable operating experience for the machine operator, in addition to offering low emissions and operating costs.

“Our technological breakthrough not only enables more energy-efficient earthmoving and mining operations, but also strengthens the realization of a green transition in these fields”, says Antti Anttila, CEO of Lekatech.

“We are proud of the strides we have taken over the past five years in developing linear motor technology” Anttila adds.

As part of their extensive field trial operations, Lekatech set up the hammer at the famous Seepsula quarry near Helsinki, a place you might also recall that I visited in 2022 to see the Komatsu PC2000 in operation, as featured in Earthmovers Magazine

In the video below experienced hammer operator Jasper Kultanen talks to Lekatech’s Satu Rämö and offers his feedback on the product, its in Finnish but there are English subtitles.






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