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by Nick Drew  |  Tue 23 Jun 2020

English Plant Man in Canada (Part Three)

Continuing our series featuring the working adventures of Tom March who runs his own mechanical repair and maintenance business in Saskatchewan, Canada.

English Plant Man in Canada (Part Three)

Tom, who trades as March Equipment Services Inc, has certainly been busy once more, maintaining a fleet of Cat 627G motor scrapers, which at that age, always need some kind of mechanical attention to keep them running in tip top condition.

Tom says that on one day he had to flip 3 sets of cutting edges as the scrapers had started to sub cut the old road down, which meant some hard going for the machines and the cutting edges in particular.

One afternoon Tom called into Ritchie Bros in Saskatoon to inspect another pair of Cat 627G’s to potentially add to the fleet, but they appeared to be somewhat tired machines on this occasion.

Back on site and there is always something to do when working around a fleet of scrapers, on this particular model the end transmission was heating up and causing problems, the screen and magnet condition would indicate that all is not well in the transmission.

The rear power pack would have to be removed, Tom said that the pieces were flying off at record speed to get the failed transmission out and taken to the town for the for quick turnaround repairs.

A day after the initial diagnosis and the unit is off loaded onto a trailer and off to be rebuilt. 

Tom jokes that the machine has become a 621 now!

Lookout for more adventures with Tom here on the Digger Man Blog soon.

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