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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 08 Jan 2021

Extreme Hill Working

When our Canadian friend Pushysix aka Scott Colclough, describes his latest video as his “best one yet” you can guarantee its going to be something really special, and another reason why I am delighted to share it with you all here on the Digger Man Blog.

Extreme Hill Working

The job Scott documents in this video is epic in so many ways, not only are the contractors installing water pipe up a crazy steep 60-degree sloping hillside, but bizarrely they are using a John Deere 2154G forestry style excavator to dig the trench!

In a further twist, the Hall Group are using some of the latest technologies, deploying a robotic dozer with winch attached to the excavator as an anchor and to assist with descending and assenting the slope in a safe and controlled manner.

The operator on the excavator controls the winch set up on the dozer remotely from his cab too, making the whole thing a one-man, two-machine operation, which I think you will agree is pretty cool!

Anyway, enough of me setting the scene, just watch the video and be amazed!

The Digger Man Blog would like to thank Scott for producing this awesome video and thanks for the share. 





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