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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 07 Feb 2020

Forest Machinery Rodeo

Our friends in Finland do like to engage in some crazy activities, the country is home to the wife carrying championships, they also compete in reindeer racing, mobile phone throwing and its also home to the air guitar world championships, over the weekend I discovered this, the forest machinery rodeo!

Forest Machinery Rodeo

The video features a Finnish built Ponsse Scorpion King forestry harvester, so there’s a certain element of product placement in the footage. Three guys are invited one at a time to take to a saddle which has been attached to a freshly cut timber pole, then a professional Ponsse demonstration operator does his best to unsettle the pole rider, who for safety purposes is attached to the pole by a harness, how long will they manage to stay on board is the question!

This is what I love about the Finns, they do like a laugh and don’t take themselves too seriously, enjoy the video.

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