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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 11 Jun 2021

Full Power Friday

Thereís nothing like the mesmerising sight of watching a Cat D11T dozer in action, and thatís made even better when you have 3 of them joined by a D10T.

Full Power Friday

That is the scenario in the latest video posted by Socal Earthmovers on their fantastic You Tube channel. On the job which was taking in Southern California, the combined 3,130 horsepower of all four dozers was being put to good use to level out a site for a massive new commercial building project.

So, what better way to celebrate the end of the working week once more, with a celebration of Cat dozer power displayed in this video which features some awesome drone footage of the machines in action, full power, full engine noise, which I present for your viewing pleasure below.


Big thanks go to Socal Earthmovers for the share of the material contained in this blog post.

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