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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 11 Nov 2021

German Machinery Event Venue Slips Under My Radar (Part Two)

Concluding our look at the highlights of our friend Ed Butler’s working visit to the recent Coreum event and the Kiesel facility in Germany where he was once again demonstrating for Kinshofer NOX during the show.

German Machinery Event Venue Slips Under My Radar (Part Two)

As we know Ed is a keen end user of the NOX tiltrotator which he has mounted on his Wacker Neuson EW100 which he runs on his family-based business E. C. Plant Hire Ltd. He is also a fan of hydraulic attachments which makes his “rubber duck” all the more flexible for the type of jobs he undertakes. So, it will come as no surprise to learn that at this event he was in attachment heaven on the Kinshofer stand!

Ed along with a fellow machine operator were demonstrating the merits of the NOX ramless design especially when used with the OilQuick system for quick hydraulic tool changing, which is a gamechanger out in the field and something we are seeing more and more of these days.

Among the highlights on the Kinshofer attachment side were the vibratory compactor, of which there are various sizes available, and the OilQuick style dedicated hydraulic gripper, which I think is a great idea.

Kinshofer also offer a wide range of attachments following their acquisition of Swedish manufacturer RF Systems AB, Ed spent time on the Hitachi ZX190W seen here with a RF built grading beam under the NOX.

During the tour of the Kiesel facility Ed saw a number of examples of their KMC (Kiesel Multi Carrier) machines which are based on Hitachi base machines with in-house built booms and arms, among them was this KMC3405 high reach demolition machine.

Further on Ed saw a more conventional looking Kiesel KTEG (Tool Carrier) 390 machine fitted with a hydraulic hammer.

While touring the yard area Ed came across a wide variety of old classic machines from Hitachi and Fuchs, my understanding is that these classics, like this Fuchs 700-series model below, will be restored to their former glory in due course.

With Kiesel being the main Hitachi dealers for Germany, there was a lot of the latest orange kit to try out, top of Ed’s list for a bit of “stick time” was this Dash-7 series Zaxis 530LCH model.

In keeping with last weeks blog on this topic, please find below another video from a previous event that took place at the Coreum earlier this year.


We thank Ed for sharing his photos with us here on the Digger Man Blog.


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