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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 22 Oct 2021

Giant ACCO Dozer Rare Archive Photo

We have featured the one-of-a-kind Italian built ACCO dozer on numerous occasions here on the Digger Man Blog and its always an interesting topic for me personally and from the messages I receive on it, for the readers of this blog too.

Giant ACCO Dozer Rare Archive Photo

Our French friend, heavy machinery operator and enthusiast, Jimmy Pourcelot recently posted a historical black & white photo of the gigantic ACCO dozer, which I had never previously seen before, on the superb Facebook group Technique TP, which I wanted to share here on the blog.

The 183-tonne machine, which at the time was the largest bulldozer in the world, is shown being displayed on the Berco stand during the 1981 SaMoTer Show. It is understood that Berco had made all the undercarriage components on this dozer, which never actually went to work in anger, and now rests below a motorway bridge in Portogruaro, in Venice, where it is preserved for future generations to see.

You can read more about this machine in our ACCO dozer Re-Visited post from 2017, just click on the link to read it and to see video of the enormous twin engine powered monster!

The Digger Man Blog would like to thank Jimmy for bringing this classic photo to my attention.    

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