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by Nick Drew  |  Mon 13 May 2013

Hanix back on track with new models and a relocation

Back in the early part of 2011, I visited Hanix Europe Ltd, at its site in Denton in Manchester, where I got time to try out a new prototype model, and various other machines from the company’s range. Last week, the Japanese mini excavator manufacturer announced that it is relocating its base to the Thames Valley in the summer, with a move to a modern facility in High Wycombe.

Hanix back on track with new models and a relocation
During my visit to Manchester, I tried out a cracking little machine, which at the time, was a prototype model. It was designated the H28DR and the machine on the demonstration plot was fully kitted out with a Steelwrist tiltrotator. I have always rated the Hanix machines, they are a good, no thrills mini excavator, that does what it says on the tin, and at a reasonable price too. The H28DR above, that is now included in the Hanix line up as the H27DR below. It now appears that this machine is one of a couple of new models that will be marketed by Hanix this year. With some minor alterations this machine will now be marketed as the H27DR. Hanix, which is the European arm of Japanese manufacturer NKK, also reports that it is in the final stages of development of an 8t machine (Hanix H80D). This new addition to the D-Series range, is presently coming to the end of prototype testing in Japan, prior to going into full production. Talking about the move and new developments, Michiro Ito, Managing Director of Hanix Europe, said: “This move marks a new and exciting phase for Hanix. The transition, together with operational improvements, is aimed at stepping-up the quality of our customer service through a more efficient, streamlined, and cohesive operation. Our sales strategy is to focus on a carefully selected range of machines that best suits the needs of the market, rather than offering a wide variety of model types”. Mr Ito continued, “For instance, we are particularly strong in the 1.7t and 2.7t machine class which accounts for 44% of the UK market for mini excavators.  Adding to this, the fact that half of all UK mini excavator sales are in Southern England, means that we confidently believe these initiatives will present us with the ideal opportunity to further strengthen our position in the mini excavator market.” For the UK, Hanix intends to concentrate most of its sales effort on the new generation D-Series machines. This latest breed of excavators includes the 980kg Hanix HO9D micro, the1.7t Hanix H17D, the 2.7t Hanix H27DR and the 5.5t Hanix H55DR. One further key model for the UK market is the Hanix H36CR zero-tail swing excavator at 3.5 tonnes. After a relatively quiet period for Hanix, I am looking forward to seeing more of their machines back on sites around the UK in the future.    

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