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by Nick Drew  |  Sun 28 Apr 2013

Hydrema wheeled excavators hit the spot in Bauma

Hydrema launched a number of new products at Bauma. Amongst them was the company’s new range of MX compact wheeled excavators, our friend and great supporter of the blog, Mark Hyde from Hydrema UK, invited me to take a look at these stunning new machines.

Hydrema wheeled excavators hit the spot in Bauma
The new MX compact excavator range from Hydrema consists of 3 models; the MX14 is the smallest in the line-up weighing in at 14.7 tonnes, the mid-range MX16 weighing in at 16.1 tonnes, and the largest machine being the MX18, which tips the scales at 17.9 tonnes. All 3 models come complete with a 3 piece articulated boom arrangement, and are available with 3 dipper sizes, 2.0m, 2.5m and 3.0m. 080 The compact geometry of these machines was one of the things that impressed me most of all, with the boom in its fully raised position and all equipment tucked in the machine would be capable of slewing in extremely tight quarters, making the machines ideal for urban street works. 079 The machines are offered with a choice of 3 different undercarriage variations, all 3 machines feature ZF 2 speed powershift transmissions with an electronic shift system, but you can specify a combination of dozer blade front & rear, dozer blade front & stabilizers rear, or stabilizers front and rear. The dozer blade is a strong looking and well-constructed addition to the machine, and is fitted with a moveable top cover plate which offers protection to the hydraulic rams from overspill of material when dozing. 249 These excavators feature a side mounted engine which further enhances the machines compact dimensions. Power on all 3 machines comes from a Cummins QSB 4.5 four cylinder engine, which offers a power output of 119kw (162hp) and are stage 3b/4 interim emissions approved. Access to the engine is via a very nifty large panel which is electrically raised using a button on the front section of the side bonnet. This operation is performed from ground level, meaning the operator doesn’t have to climb up onto the machine to open or secure the bonnet when performing daily fluid checks. 254 253 I climbed into the cab and was instantly impressed with the feeling of quality, a really nice layout of switches and controls to the right hand side of the cab, all within comfortable reach of the operator. The cab has a spacious feel to it and large windows offer a great view around the machine, which is further enhanced by the placement of large rear view mirrors that can be adjusted electrically from the cab and a rear view camera that is integrated into the counterweight. Full air-conditioning comes as standard and air flow inside the cab is supplied via 7 adjustable air vents. There is also plenty of storage space behind the seat for the operator’s personal affects, and a cooling box for his lunch can also be specified as an optional extra. The machine is factory fitted with modern state of the art proportional joysticks featuring two rollers and four push buttons, for the fitment of tiltrotators and other hydraulic attachments. 246 These machines were certainly attracting a lot of attention on the stand during my visit. I think you will agree they certainly appear to be well made and strong looking items of kit. I am excited at the prospect of getting behind the controls of one of these in the future for a further report here on the Digger Man Blog.    

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