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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 04 Feb 2021

Hyundai Dances on Ice

I spotted this video on Instagram sensation Conor the Digger Driverís account the other day, and thought it would be another great fit for the Digger Man Blog.

Hyundai Dances on Ice

Over the years we have featured machines doing all kinds of stunts and performances, from skiing downhill on an icy slope, to performing a ballet dance routine with a mime/gymnastic artist draped over the bucket.

Its often the case that such short video clips achieve some phenomenal viewing figures, compared to something I might have spent a lot of time researching and writing about. Such is the weird and wonderful world of social media!

Anyway, in this clip which actually dates from 2016, we see an operator on a Hyundai 140W-9A putting his machine through a routine, on a patch of frozen water on site, that would be worthy of a spot-on ITV’s hit Sunday night show Dancing on Ice!

It’s no Ravel’s Bolero style performance, but it’s fun to watch! 


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