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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 17 Sep 2021

In the Scandinavian Way with DIGBITS

We recently paid a visit to Staffordshire to see Dave Stone Excavator Services, who has been a long-term customer of DIGBITS who have designed and fabricated some Scandinavian style buckets for his latest machine.

In the Scandinavian Way with DIGBITS

Owner/operator Dave Stone recently upgraded his old Takeuchi TB260 for the slightly larger TB370 the first model launched in the 3-Series range from the Japanese manufacturer.

And he has certainly gone for an “all singing, all dancing” affair this time around, with the TB370 coming fitted with a two-piece TAB boom and at the business end he has had a NOX Kinshofer ram less tiltrotator.

Dave’s splendid array of buckets and attachments turn his machine into a veritable Swiss Army Knife machine, and very smart they are too adorned in matching red paintwork. In addition, Dave has worked with DIGBITS in the design process of some of these buckets, and it was great to talk to him about that during the visit.

I’ll be reporting on this in more detail in a future edition of Earthmovers Magazine, but in the meantime checkout our video from the day.





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