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by Nick Drew  |  Wed 13 Oct 2021

Is Dave the Oldest Bulldozer Driver in the World!

Iím indebted to Bryn Jones for highlighting this topic on the Digger Man Blog Facebook group last week, and as such I wanted to dedicate a post to it here on the stand-alone blog, in recognition of this manís lifetime in the heavy equipment sector.

Is Dave the Oldest Bulldozer Driver in the World!

Bit of a New Zealand theme going here this week on the Digger Man Blog. The family behind the Waiau, North Canterbury, based business Lott Contracting, were recently all gathered around the TV watching a documentary which featured an American contractor described as the oldest dozer driver in the world at 85 years young, well the Lott family said, “no problem, we can top that” with their father and founder of the business Dave Lott, who at 92 years young, is still at it on a daily basis!

Dave Lott started his contracting business way back in 1957 when he purchased an International TD9A dozer from a returning serviceman, that solitary machine was the catalyst for a business that is now in its 3rd generation and running a wide range of machines.  

Photo: 3 Generations of the Lott family with their fully restored Fiat-Allis 14C dozer.

Jendy Harper of TVNZ’s Seven Sharp show went in search of Dave, to find out more about the man and his love for running dozers.

I always say to people keep working as long as you can, my own father retired from operating machines and within 2 years he had passed away, he kind of lost his zest for life after stepping away from the machines, which was very sad to see, even if you take up a part time job, just keep doing a bit, like this inspirational New Zealander! 

So do we know anyone older than Dave Lott still operating kit, I’d love to hear about them if you do!


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