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by Nick Drew  |  Sun 19 May 2013

Its Plant Time Swedish style at MaskinExpo 2013

Still riding on a wave of euphoria after last week’s Plantworx show, the Digger Man Blogs next port of call is a two day visit to Stockholm, for their annual plant & machinery event MaskinExpo.

Its Plant Time Swedish style at MaskinExpo 2013
Sweden’s premier event for the construction plant & machinery industries MaskinExpo, runs from 23rd to 25th May and is held at the Stockholm Outdoor Exhibition Area, and is set in 90 acres of beautiful Swedish countryside, which is incredibly just 10 minutes from Arlanda airport. Last year I visited the show on the last day of my visit to Engcon. This time around, I will have more time to get around the showground, to check out the latest kit that is on offer to the Scandinavian markets. It’s a chance to see some real top notch kit, as from my experience, the Swedes always select the highest specification levels available, compared to what we are supplied with in the UK. It’s also a great place for a tiltrotator lover like me, as they are seen everywhere in a country that is undoubtedly at the cutting edge of modern earthmoving and machine attachment technology. The show, which has been running for almost 30 years, has a massive following, with visitor numbers for the 2012 event totalling 26,450, many of whom were industry professionals passing through the gates. The show which this year has attracted 409 exhibitors, also has a great family day out feel to it, as I witnessed many youngsters accompanied by adults at the last show, something that I feel is very important if we ever want to attract more young blood into our industry in the future, but as ever due to our overzealous health and safety rules its simply not allowed in the UK. Here is a cracking video that gives you a general view of the event in Stockholm.
I am also going to be meeting up with a number of my Swedish friends from my days on the forum circuit, including Robert Carlsson, Peter Sjogren and Conny Kolsjo. These guys have been great supporters of the blog and have contributed a lot of material for inclusion in the past. I look forward to shaking their hands, and thanking them personally for their support. I have suggested a meet up on the Engcon stand at 1pm on the Friday and also on the Saturday depending on what day you are attending. I am also looking forward to meeting up with the team from Amas, who are the dealers for Furukawa FRD, VTN and Simex. They have 3 ladies who demonstrate the products, which is something we don’t see much in the UK. Karolin Eriksson, Helena Lofstedt, and seen in the photo below is Annelie Bostrum, who was operating a Doosan DX140LCR with a VTN screening bucket during last year’s event. Lookout for an upcoming story on Karolin Eriksson in a future blog post. Another great feature of the Maskinexpo show is the veterans equipment working display that used to be a feature at the old showground in Barkaby. I’m not sure if this will be taking place at STOXA this year, but I really hope to see some classic items on show. Here is another great video showing some classic pieces of kit being put to work at the show during the 2010 event.
I wish everyone involved with the event a great show, and a special thank you goes out to Engcon for inviting me over for this year’s event.          

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